Stop The Violence Foundation Youth Center

By Stop The Violence Foundation on Jan 23, 2017 in News - 0 Comments

The Corpus Christi church in Buffalo wants to make the most out of additional buildings it runs, and one building that seems to have the most promise is an older athletic center.

The athletic center on Sears Street boasts an indoor basketball court and a bowling alley.

Church leaders are now working with a group called the Stop the Violence Foundation to see how they can work together at reducing violence in Buffalo.

One idea, for example, came from Bishop Perry Davis, who suggested a Hoops for Peace tournament in February.

“You don’t want to change the minds of the kids, but you want to give a kid somewhere to go and something to do,”
he said. “That’s going to keep them off the streets. That’s going to keep their minds occupied, and that will hopefully save lives with what we’re doing here.”

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